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Unique products MADE IN BHUTAN - Please visit our shop

Bhutan is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. Situated in the Himalayas the small kingdom is still almost untouched, since it has been isolated from the outside world for a long time. Buddhism is a state religion. The country is very peaceful, people are open-minded, friendly and warm-hearted. Bhutan has recently become known through its philosophy of happiness (GNH), as one of the aims set out in Bhutan’s constitution is to increase the happiness of its inhabitants. In addition to its intact nature and unique culture, Bhutan also offers beautiful and mostly hand-crafted products, which are locally sold on markets and in shops.

Nevertheless, Bhutan is one of the poorest countries in the world. Based on fair trade principles, one of Bhutan House’s goals is to open up new markets for Bhutanese artists, artisans and small businesses and to promote their products. Additionally, we support Bhutanese entrepreneurs with our know-how and invest a part of our profit in social and ecological projects within Bhutan.

Therefore, on our website we offer unique Bhutanese products that otherwise you can only buy in the country. Our range includes among others:
• The only prayer flags which are fully produced in Bhutan,
Incense sticks with the best hand-picked herbs from the Himalayas
• Artfully carved traditional wooden masks ,
• Other decorative carvings such as dragons and eight lucky signs
• Hand-woven silk scarves,
• High quality handbags und
• Truly remarkable paintings by different artists

All products are naturally 100% “Made in Bhutan”.