Positive Feedback for the Exhibition September 25th, 2016 – Posted in: Art, Bhutan

Consistently positive feedback for the exhibition “Mystical Bhutan”

Beautiful paintings in perfectly suited ambience – that was the opinion of most visitors who attended the exhibition “Mystical Bhutan” 10th – 11th September in Oberried.

The light-filled hall of the “Klosterscheune” with its rustic walls and old wooden beams was the perfect place for the first exhibition of contemporary Bhutanese painting in Europe. In this ambience the 35 paintings, which you can also enjoy and purchase in our online gallery, came into its own. Whether dragons, masked dancers or monasteries, whether large-sized or small, all paintings seemed authentic and attracted the viewer into their spell. The masks and prayer flags that were issued for decoration completed the overall look. Many of the visitors were interested in information about the small kingdom, its traditions, its food, the political system and travel to and within Bhutan.

Despite sunny weather and great competition with a number of festivals in the region, about 150 visitors came to see Bhutanese art. They not only enjoyed the paintings, but also to our “Momos”, a kind of dumpling which were filled with vegetables or meat accompanied by three different chilly based sauces.

At this point we would like to thank the volunteers who with their commitment made the exhibition to what it was – a wonderful event.