Mystical Himalayas – a successful opening April 13th, 2017 – Posted in: Bhutan, Uncategorized

A successful composition between tradition and modernity, mysticism and reality that was the feedback given by the visitors after the introductory event to the exhibition “Mystical Himalayas – Art from Tibet and Bhutan” on the evening of 11th April. After the welcome remarks and two main lectures, the almost 200 invited guests enjoyed numerous exhibits from Tibet and Bhutan.

Together with the “Tibet Kailash Haus”, we, Bhutan House, have initiated this exhibition, which takes you to two unknown cultures. It takes place in the beautiful Meckelhalle of the “Freiburger Sparkasse”. You can visit the exhibition free of charge until the 27th of April at the opening hours of the Sparkasse in the old town of Freiburg (Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 186, 79098 Freiburg). Traditional thankhas, paintings, statues and even a Buddhist altar are displayed as well as many contemporary paintings done by Bhutanese artists. There are also wooden masks, hand-woven fabrics and two dolls in traditional Bhutanese costumes (Kira and Gho). Moreover, 17 posters give valuable information about both countries.

On April 20th from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm, we will offer guided tours and try to answer all your questions.

At this point, we would like to express our thanks to the “Sparkasse Freiburg” for allowing us to use the beautiful “Meckelhalle”. Furthermore, they supported us during the organization and provided food and drinks to our guests. Many Thanks!