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Welcome, Herzlich Willkommen and Kuzuzangpola

“Bhutan House” is a family business, which was established in 2016. The name speaks for itself. We want to share the affection and geniality with you that we have experienced in Bhutan. Hence, we warmly invite you to discover the exotic and fascinating world of Bhutan. We are the gateway to this small Asian kingdom. On our website, you can experience the diversity and beauty of Bhutan.

With us you have the chance to obtain information about Bhutan, to get involved with its people, and to admire unique and lovingly manufactured products “Made in Bhutan”. At the same time, we open up the opportunity especially for small businesses, artisans and artists from Bhutan to get in touch with new markets that can generate them a fair income. Any product that you buy helps local people to live from their hard work.

Who are “we”, the people behind Bhutan House?

Rinzin Tshomo

Rinzin Tshomo, who is Bhutanese, has been living in Germany since 2015. Previously, she founded the first and only enterprise in Bhutan that still produces prayer flags based on a screen printing process. Naturally, you will find these prayer flags in our store. Rinzin and her partner, Axel Kroker, who worked in Bhutan as a volunteer management advisor from 2012-2015, have developed the concept of “Bhutan House”. Today, Rinzin is responsible for the processes in Bhutan, while Axel manages the business in Europe.

Axel Kroker

What concept is “Bhutan House” based on?

It’s true, Bhutan is pretty far behind in various international rankings and it is one of the poorest countries in the world. But when you are in the country, you get a completely different impression. Bhutan is peaceful, and the people are very friendly and helpful. And although most of the inhabitants of this small kingdom don’t possess too much, they are satisfied and happy to share what they have.

Inspired by this experience, we have developed our concept and our company. We don’t want to strive only for profit. We want to maximize the satisfaction of all parties – customers, suppliers, employees, donors, other partners, and of course ourselves. Therefore, we ensure that our producers get a fair price for their products, and we will initiate and support projects that help local people and the environment. Together with you and the people of Bhutan, we want to shape the future. The most important for us are these maxims:

We are from two different cultures – connecting them, privately and in business. For us it is important to contribute to the process of developing mutual understanding, showing respect for each other, and learning from each other. Understanding and respect can only grow after you have learnt more about what was strange to you before.

We enjoy what we do, and that deeply satisfies us. Together with practiced values (like respect, modesty, and the willingness to share) we get the energy we need to be successful in our everyday business operations. This is the basis of our actions, and thus we ensure that our partners participate in our success.

Trust is the most important point in any kind of partnership. For us it is the basis of all actions. This includes openness, reliability, and a positive attitude towards others. We are convinced that personal qualities and motivation can only fully develop in an environment of trust. In such a surrounding, mistakes can be forgiven and improvements takes place.

Who do we cooperate with in Bhutan?

Our products come exclusively from Bhutan. We are dedicated to working directly and without intermediaries with small enterprises, independent artisans, and freelance artists. However, sometimes we need to include intermediaries, because the products are partly produced in remote areas of Bhutan and at present it is not possible for us to coordinate this.

Moreover, people and the economy tick differently in Bhutan than in our region. Temporal agreements are not always respected and people are not accustomed to deliver “just in time”. Life in Bhutan is much more relaxed than here. Also, they are not able to produce large quantities in a country with barely 750,000 inhabitants and without any “high-tech”.

Therefore, we would ask you at this point to understand that we are not always able to deliver as fast as other suppliers who offer goods from India or Nepal. Some of our products we can produce only on demand. But be sure, every single product is lovingly hand-made using traditional methods and thus somehow unique.

And you can be sure that whatever we do, we do it with devotion and respect.