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Art and Artists from Bhutan

Art is of high importance in the small kingdom of Bhutan which was isolated for a long while. In state schools, which are supported by the government, young people are taught thirteen different crafts. Previously, the training lasted up to seven years. Traditional painting is one of those arts where religious and mystical motives are painted according to strict specifications regarding shapes and colours.

After the country opened cautiously, the way for contemporary painting was set free. But still many of these works deal in a creative way with Buddhist and cultural issues. In order to make this upcoming art more popular, one of the pioneers, “Asha Kama”, founded the association “VAST” with two other avant-garde artists in 1998 – here young people can find inspiration. Asha Kamas is well-known all over Bhutan and his paintings beautify the halls of hotels and public buildings.

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Home Bound
Presence II
Presence IV
Walk to the Temple II
Dance of the Drum
Mask Dancer
Dancer in Motion I
Dancer in Motion II
Dancer in Motion III
Monk with Prayer Wheel
Ragsha Mangcham
Sitting Buddha
Colours of Life
Mask Dancer
Five Elements Buddah
Based on Five Elements
Endless Knot
Buddhas Eyes
Walking Monks
Monks with Chorten
Monk with Prayer Flags
Sitting Monks
Chorten with Prayer Flags

Artists of our Gallery

Asha Kama
Pema Tshering
Pema Gyeltshen
Salil Bishwa
Sukbir Bishwa

Enjoy the pictures of our gallery.

You can buy the original paintings.