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Home Bound

Artist: Asha Kama
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2016
Size: 90 x 130 cm
Number: 0001

In his painting “Home Bound”, Asha Kama reflects in a unique way the mood you are in while walking on Buddha’s paths. Many of the holy sites, such as monasteries and Chorten, are built in remote locations, integrated into the wonderful and green countryside of Bhutan. One might say that a view like this is a landmark of the Buddhist kingdom.

The Artist

Asha Kama

Asha Kama, also known as Kama Wangdi, is the contemporary painter par-excellence in Bhutan. He is the artist who made modern painting known and popular in his country.

His style influenced and still shapes the next generation of contemporary artists in Bhutan. His works adorn halls of hotels and public buildings. He participated in a number of exhibitions in various countries around the world. Rightly Asha Kama has received many awards.

In 1998 he founded the association VAST (Voluntary Artists’ Studio Thimphu) together with two colleagues, where young people can get inspired with modern painting. For this outstanding commitment, Asha Kama was awarded the gold medal in 2010 by the Vth King of Bhutan.


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