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Mask Dancer

Artist: TWINZ
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2016
Size: 61 x 76 cm
Number: 0024

Besides faces and Buddhist motifs, the Bhutanese mysticism plays a significant role for the TWINZ. The fight against evil is represented in many ritual dances. The masks and costumes that the dancers wear, as you see on this painting, are often colourful and frightening. This dancer, partly covered by the typical yellow curtain, is close to performing.

The Artist

The name TWINZ stands for the identical twins Uygen Samdrup and Tashi Dendrup.

Both are artistically very talented. First, they studied music before they rediscovered their old love – painting.  Particularly, Rembrandt moved them to switch to the Academy of Fine Arts in India. Since 2014 both try to live from painting and they are regarded as “one” of the greatest talents in Bhutan. Besides painting, they also illustrate children’s books.

The very special thing about the twins is that they paint some of their artworks together or they refine them mutually.


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