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Mask Dancer

Artist: Pema Tshering
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2012
Size: 140 x 104 cm
Number: 0012

The viewer is fully under the spell of the mask dancer due to the horrifying expression of the mask. Even the costume of the dancer is adorned with grimaces. To increase the threatening effect, the artist chose dark and dull colours. These dances, which are particularly performed at religious festivals like Tshechus show the fight “good” against “evil” and should help people to choose the right path.

The Artist

Pema Tshering

In 1998 the artistic career of Pema Tshering began. At the age of 13 he joined VAST, the first and only association that promotes modern art. Along with Asha Kama, Bhutan’s “father” of contemporary art, he developed the new art genre in Bhutan.

He likes to experiment with both the motifs as well as with the media he uses. With his artworks, he has participated in several international exhibitions and won various prizes.

Today, Pema is one of the most popular artists, with his own gallery. His paintings even adorn the rooms of the royal family. In addition to his vocation as a painter, he is also active as a designer.


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