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Monks with Chorten

Artist: Sukbir Bishwa
Medium: Pastel colours on Bhutanese paper (framed)
Year: 2015
Size: 44 x 88 cm (visible), 48 x 92 cm (with frame)
Number: 0033

One of the frequently chosen topics in Sukbir Bischwa’s works of art are monks. He understands in a virtuoso way how to display their deliberate walk through the typical drapery of their robes. The artist often shows the monks from the back, here on the way to a Chorten. As a medium for his paintings he frequently chooses the rough, slightly cream-coloured paper that is manufactured in Bhutan. This gives his work its typical warm appearance.

The Artist

The Bishwas are a family of artists. Sukbir is well known in Bhutan. He is one of the very first contemporary painters.

Many years ago, he gave up a secure job in the administration and became an artist. He himself says that he is art addicted and would prefer to paint from dawn to dusk. But his gallery, one of the first in Bhutan, also requires his presence.

He also introduced his son, Salil Bishwa, to modern art and taught him how to paint. In order to avoid confusion, Sukbir signs his paintings with S. Bishwa I.


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