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Prayer Flags

Prayer flags are omnipresent in Bhutan. They shape the face of the kingdom. Whether in long lines on poles or cords, between trees or on bridges, you see them fluttering in the wind almost everywhere. And of course, it is the wind that carries the printed prayers or mantras into the world. Prayer flags come in five colours. As with Tibetian prayer flags blue represents the sky, white the clouds, red is fire, green symbolizes water and yellow soil.

All prayer flags we offer come from a small factory in the south of the country. The small company is the first and only in Bhutan which manufactures prayer flags in a screen printing process. All steps in the production are done by hand. Moreover, no synthetic materials are used, only cotton. The Mantras are checked by Buddhist teachers and the production site has been blessed by a Lama. Currently, they produce twelve different flags. Every flag has a special purpose and power.