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Weaving is one of the thirteen arts and crafts (Thagzo) in Bhutan and has a long tradition. The patterns which are used differ from region to region. The difference can be clearly seen, especially in the rich decorated Kiras and Ghos, the national clothes in the small kingdom. Mostly women work in the simple constructed wooden looms. When you observe them during work, you will appreciate with how much virtuosity they customize their pieces.

The scarves in our shop, no matter if silk scarves or scarves made from other fibers, have been designed and manufactured by small communities or freelance weavers. Their craftsmanship is admirable. The more complex the pattern, the more time they need, and the processing of silk takes significantly longer than the other materials. Depending on how dense they weave, the fabric is softer or harder and thus more fragile or robust. It is a true art.