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Wooden Art

The material wood is in great demand in Bhutan and is used in many ways. Many objects that are made out of plastic in the western world are still wooden there. Out of thirteen traditional arts and crafts, in three categories wood is the raw material: woodwork (Shingzo), wood turning (Shagzo) and carving (Parzo). Shingzo includes mainly carpentry. In Shagzo e.g. beautiful vessels are shaped. Parzo is the art of carving, which includes also wooden masks. In our shop, however, we present masks separately.

The products in the category woodwork are all manufactured in small factories or they are made by freelance artisans. As you may know from our masks, it is a complex process until a product is completed. Suitable timber must firstly be stored long enough before it can be processed. After carving, the handicraft work has to be painted or polished. Rest assured, all products in our shop are hand-made and unique. This makes them very special.