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Order, Delivery and Payment Modalities


Ordering process

1.  Shopping Cart
Select the products you want to order by clicking the “Add to Cart” button. This will put your selected products into the shopping cart. You can change this selection at any time until you submit your order by changing the number of products, by deleting the selection (“Remove” button) or by cancelling the whole order process. Click on the “Checkout” button to proceed to the next order step.

2. Checkout
2.1   Please log in with your e-mail address and password if you already have a customer account, or register as a new customer. Your data will be collected, processed and used in compliance with data protection regulations (link: Privacy Statement). No other use or transfer to third parties takes place. However, you can order goods without opening a customer account. Therefore, you have to fill in the fields marked with an asterisk. If the delivery address deviates from your own address, you can add it after ticking the box. Finally, you should check your details carefully so that delivery delays do not occur.

2.2   Next, you need to select the payment method that suits you. At the moment you have three options, “Bank transfer” (advance payment), “Credit card” and “PayPal” (see Payment Terms).

2.3   Please read carefully our “Terms and Conditions”, the “Right of Revocation” and the “Privacy Statement” and tick the box if you agree to our general conditions. If not, the ordering process cannot be completed.

2.4   You should then check your order. In the data sheet you will find the goods you have selected with the quantities and the resulting price. In this overview the shipping costs and possibly other additional costs are indicated as we can calculate these costs only after entering your address and the payment method. A breakdown of costs can be found below in this document. If you want to make changes, you can click on the “Edit Order” link.

2.5   By clicking on the “Buy now” button, you submit the order – this means that you make a legally binding offer for which you have to pay. In some cases, you will be redirected to an external web page (PayPal, Stripe) and you should follow their instructions. If you pay by “Bank Transfer (advanced payment)”, the order process is completed immediately. As soon as you have paid the purchase price stating the order number in your transferal, we will send you the goods.



General Shipping and Delivery Information
For ecological reasons, we try to minimise packaging material. Therefore, we don’t use additional product packaging for non-sensitive products.

We are interested in keeping the shipping cost as low as possible and transparent for our customers without affecting the dispatch quality. In the table below you can see which shipping costs will be added to the purchase price. For that matter, we have introduced three shipping zones and five shipping categories.

Shipping Zones
The delivery of goods offered in the shop is restricted to the countries of the EU as well as some non-EU countries: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland. This results in three shipping zones:

  1. D – Germany (Deutschland)
  2. EU – Member states of the European Union other than Germany
  3. Non-EU – Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland

Shipping categories
The assignment of your order to shipping categories within a shipping zone in which you want the goods to be delivered is based on a calculation of the weight and size of the products. It is based on the shipping sizes and weights of DHL/Deutsche Post. This results in a calculated shipping weight which is usually higher than the actual product weight. The calculated shipping weight includes not only the weight of the products, the cardboard and the filling material, but also the maximum number of products fitting into one packaging unit which can be sent at a certain price.

For example:
Within Germany, we send a pack of Nado Riew incense sticks in shipping category S for € 3.95. If we considered only the product’s weight, we could also send this package in shipping category XS for € 2.95. However, this is not possible due to the size. In return, we could send up to 8 packs of these incense sticks in category S. Looking only at the weight, it would even be possible to send up to 10 packs in the same shipping category, but due to the maximum dimensions of the packaging, we are limited to 8 packs. If you want to order 10 packs, you would be classified into the next higher shipping category (M) and you would have to pay € 6.95 shipping charges.

Shipping categoryCalculated weightPrices / Shipping zoneincl. VAT 
XS485 gram2.95 euros5.60 euros5.60 euros
S997 gram3.95 euros8.95 euros8.95 euros
M1,999 gram6.95 euros12.95 euros21.95 euros
L5,000 gram9.95 euros21.95 euros37.95 euros
XL10,000 gram12.95 euros28.95 euros45.95 euros
XXL30,000 gram19.95 euros56.95 euros69.95 euros

For larger quantities, please contact us by e-mail.


Payment Terms

We offer the following payment methods. Simply choose the most suitable one. The total shipping costs are partly dependent on the selected payment method.

The prices in the respective offers are final prices. They include all price components, including any taxes, such as VAT. Only in the case of cross-border deliveries additional taxes (for example, in the case of an intra-community acquisition) and/or fees (for example customs duties) may have to be paid by you. These additional costs should not be paid to the seller but directly to the competent bodies like to the customs and the tax authorities. Shipping, handling and payment costs are not included in the purchase price. They are described in this document, will be separately indicated in the course of the ordering process and have to be additionally paid by you.

Bank transfer (advanced payment)
Please transfer the total amount of money of your order to the following account and mention the order number:

Account holder:  Bhutan House e.K.
Account number:  20 20 40 200
BCN:  680 700 24
Bank:  Deutsche Bank Freiburg
IBAN:  DE41 6807 0024 0202 0402 00

Credit cards
For credit card payments we have chosen the service provider Stripe. You do not need to open an account with Stripe for the transaction by credit card.

You need your own PayPal account for the transaction of the purchase price.