Nado Happiness Incense Sticks

These incense sticks are a real sensual delight. They are prepared according to old recipes and contain a mixture of sandalwood and special aromatic herbs that are only found in the higher elevations of the Himalayas. The high-quality ingredients give the incense their unique scent. When burning, they spread a pleasantly spicy, strong but still gentle scent that soothes. It will pamper your senses and invites you to relax. The bamboo packaging underscores the high quality of this product.

In one package are about 19 incense sticks with a length of 11 cm. The burning time of one stick is about 45 minutes.


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Since these incense sticks are hand-made, they may vary in length, thickness, weight and number of rods per package. That may affect the combustion duration. Therefore, all details are only approximate values. The burning time was measured in a draught-free room, with the glowing incense stick stood upright in a holder. The description of the odour and its effect is subjective. The tests were carried out by two reviewers. The colours in the photos may vary from the original tones.

Incense is flammable and may cause the risk of burns and fire. Incense sticks should be kept secure so that children and pets cannot come in contact with them. In addition, incense sticks have to be stored dry.

Weight0.072 kg

Dark Brown


approx. 25 g (without packaging)


approx. 11 cm


about 19 sticks

Burning time

approx. 45 min

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