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The dark blue base colour with the fine yellow pattern gives the scarf a royal appearance. And noble is not only how it looks, with more than 80% silk it is a premium piece of work. Only the base thread is made of polyacrylic. This mixture is often used in Bhutan because it makes the fabrics thinner and lighter. Over the entire length traditional patterns are woven, which are highlighted at both ends by coloured stripes. The way this scarf is made is very special. Approximately 6 cm long pieces which are very tightly woven are connected by more flexible sections. This makes the scarf extremely robust and at the same time flexible. Therefore, it looks fashionable wearing it open. Try it!

Material: 82 % silk
.                18 % polyacrylic
Size: approx. 185 x 26 cm


Delivery time: 5-6 working days

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Size and weight of the scarves are approximate values. The length is given without fringes. The size can differ within a collection as all scarves are hand-made. The colours in the photos may also vary from the original tones.

Since our scarves are hand-made, we have only a few pieces in stock. To order, we can reproduce scarves of your choice. This can cause slight variations in size, colour and pattern. Products that are made to order are excluded from exchange. We will inform you about prices and the delivery time after consulting the manufacturer.

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82% silk, 18% polyacrylic


approx. 185 cm


approx. 26 cm