This bag has a very special chic. It is tailored in a pouch shape with a flexible upper part. Thereby, the volume can be easily reduced or enlarged by about one third. The adorned outer material consists mostly of silk. Its colour combination and the wonderful traditional pattern give a noble and precious appearance. This bag is more than an eye-catcher. Its interior can easily be opened and closed by two decorative cords. The lining is kept dark.

This exclusive bag is highly variable and a good companion for many occasions.

Weight: approx. 130 g
Size: approx. 22 x 19,5 x 8 cm


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The size and weight of the bag are only approximate values. The colours in the photos may vary from the original tones. Since the total amount of cloth is below 80%, labelling is not required according to the European textile labelling act.

Since the bags are unique hand-made pieces, we have only one in stock. On order we can reproduce a bag of your choice. Please take into account that it may cause changes in size, colours and pattern. Products that are made to order are excluded from exchange. Prices and delivery dates will be provided after consulting the manufacturer.

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