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Are you interested in Bhutan? Do you like Bhutanese art? Do you feel attracted by the GNH approach, which focuses more on achieving happiness, or better a deep contentment, than only on profit? Or, would you like to go once on a culinary journey to the land of the thunder dragon?

We are sure we can help you.


We offer different presentations between 45 and 90 minutes about Bhutan. “Land of the Thunder Dragon” e.g. is a general presentation about the country, people, culture and nature. Other presentations consider the economic and political development of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Especially interesting for companies and organisations is a lecture about GNH (Gross National Happiness) as an approach for corporate development.


When you are strolling through our gallery or on our market place , you know what we have to offer. On request we organize private exhibitions, where you or your employees can enjoy the paintings, selected products and a suitable introduction about Bhutan in your company or for you.


You want to provide your business partners, your friends or your family something really special? We can do it for you! We prepare a Bhutanese evening with culinary specialties from Bhutan.

Workshops and Coaching

For companies and organizations that are not only aimed at profit maximization but want to ensure long-term satisfied customers, employees, suppliers and financiers, we offer our GNH workshops and coaching.

You are interested?

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