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Become active! Join us!

You share our opinion that Bhutan is something special? You got attracted to and convinced of the beauty of this country and of Bhutanese culture by the articles and products on our website? That makes us happy.

But maybe your ideas go beyond ours. Perhaps you are a fashion designer who is enthusiastic about the unique weaving patterns and want to create a new collection. Or possibly you want to support people in remote parts of the country and you have an idea for a social project.

No? Then maybe you would like to engage yourself with your company to create employment in Bhutan. Perhaps you have a proposal how to make Bhutan House even more interesting.

Whatever it may be, please send us your ideas, suggestions and questions. We will try to deal with inquiries as quickly as possible. And who knows, maybe your idea will become a project that we would like to follow up on our website.

Let us realise new ideas together.

Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your inspiration!